Class Magentron_EmailImages_Model_Mail


Magentron EmailImages Extension

Located in /Magentron/EmailImages/Model/Mail.php (line 11)

Variable Summary
string $_context
Method Summary
string getContext ()
Zend_Mail setContext (string $context)
string $_context = null (line 25)

String representation for the context of the send() call.

When using the same context, determining image URLs from email body and retrieving these will be cached.

  • access: protected
boolean $_hasAddedImages = false (line 17)

Ensure images are attached only once.

  • access: protected
getContext (line 50)

Get context

string getContext ()
send (line 66)

Overriden to attach images from HTML body, if any.

Zend_Mail send ([Zend_Mail_Transport_Abstract $transport = null])
setContext (line 36)

Set context

Zend_Mail setContext (string $context)
  • string $context: Context to use.

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